About domain extensions:

Different domain extensions, or TLDs have varying prices each.

They are generally stable in price but may change from year-to-year.

About pricing:

We will inform you in advance if there are any pricing updates, up or down.

Prices have recently been dropped on a number of domains including .com and .co.za

About renewals:

You don't have to worry about paperwork or missing renewals, we manage this for you.

Availability and registrations:

It is better not to search the internet for availability unless you know what you are doing.

Most domains are still available for registration and we do this immediately.

Some domains are owned by others either as business assets or to sell.

We promote ethical ownership of domains and will provide the most suitable options accordingly to your business name or trademark.

Where necessary we will negotiate the best deal possible to purchase a premium domain if required.

General domain pricing:


R199 / year


R499 / year


R699 / year


R99 / year


R490 / year


R750 / year


R290 / year


R290 / year


R450 / 2 years


R350 / year


R99 / year

(sponsored to qualifying NPO)


R299 / year


R299 / year


R299 / year


R320 / year


R220 / year


R199 / year


R320 / year