Domain Hosting

Where are you @ ?

The function of a domain name is similar to that of a telephone number. Just like a telephone number points the caller to a specific phone in a specific area; a domain name points you to a certain space on the world wide web (www).

Each website on the internet has a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is a numerical address and gives no indication of the type of site it is linked to, therefore it’s not user-friendly when used to browse the internet. Domain names on the other hand are a lot easier to remember as they may consist of letters, numbers and/or hyphens. You can create a descriptive word, phrase or acronym which represents the content of your site.

Domain names are structured so that they point directly to a specific website.

Consider for example:
The first section, “myfingertips”, points to the specific site
The second section, “co”, is the site’s registration i.e. commercial
The last section, “za”, refers to the country is which the domain is registered, in this case South Africa.

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